Sérélys -CytoninTechnology - source of life
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Why are Serelys® products unique?

An exclusive technology for a remarkable ingredient

Pollen is the raw material of CyTonin® Technology, an exclusive Sérélys Pharma technology.
Only the cytoplasm of the pollen is preserved, rich in numerous nutrients, "Source of Life" for the body.

Sérélys-Cytonin Technology-process

CyTonin® Technology removes the rigid and gastro-resistant envelope of pollen grains. This outer shell is difficult to assimilate and has little or no benefit for our body.
During this extraction process, only the cytoplasm of the pollen is preserved, a natural reservoir of many nutrients (proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, trace elements...) necessary for the benefits of our products.

Cytoplasmic pollen extracts are highly bioavailable to our body, non-hormonal and without phytoestrogenic activity.
Cultivation and harvesting of our pollens

The purified and specific cytoplasmic extracts of pollens, obtained with CyTonin® technology, are derived from selected plants, grown in Sweden in separate fields and by plant type, in accordance with the recommendations of the European Medicines Agency.

No pesticides or chemical molecules normally used for plant growth are used in the process, which is free of any possible contamination.

Pollen and pistils are harvested separately, by hand, using a standardized method.

Rigorous quality controls guarantee the conformity of each batch of purified and specific cytoplasmic pollen extracts.

Different complexes for different inconveniences

The different complexes from CyTonin® technology are extracted in a very defined process, where each step is precise and well controlled. The specific pollen quantities and parameters such as temperature, ratios and others, make the different purified and specific cytoplasmic pollen extracts unique and special, containing the right nutrients to fulfill the nutritional or physiological need in each situation:

Menopause and PMS
Bone capital
Sleep disorders
Immune defenses
Bladder Health