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Who are we?

SÉRÉLYS PHARMA® is a company founded in the Principality of Monaco.
We develop and market innovative products scientifically tested to accompany women and men during the different stages of their lives, improving their quality of life, in a natural way.
We target their specific needs and design natural and patented solutions based on plants and our main ingredient, the specific and purified cytoplasmic extracts of Swedish pollens from rigorously selected plants, obtained through our exclusive technology called CyTonin® Technology.

Properties of our products

  • Patented or patent pending food supplements
  • Based on specific CyTonin® complexes, meeting specific needs
  • Non-hormonal or without phytoestrogens and without estrogenic activity
  • Scientifically tested and documented
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, with plant-based ingredients and vegetable capsules


What is our DNA?

We believe in the power of science and medical knowledge; part of our DNA is to be rooted in the medical community.
We scientifically test our products. We work on medical studies with prestigious medical KOLs recognized in their specialty. They also contribute to the documentation of these studies, presenting the benefits and safety of our products.

Our commitment: to provide women and men with safe and effective solutions that are based on science, fulfill medical needs and are recognized by the medical profession as credible alternatives to allopathic medicines.

Our Sérélys® brand

Our products are distributed in more than 20 countries under different brands. In France, our range is marketed under the Sérélys® brand.

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