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Urinary incontinence is characterized by uncontrollable and involuntary leakage from the bladder. Associated factors may include age, number of deliveries, menopause, being overweight, smoking or constipation.
Femaxeen® has been formulated to help you avoid having to rush to the bathroom often, while helping to keep the bladder functioning properly.
In short, Femaxeen® makes life easier for women who are trying to manage urinary incontinence discreetly. Other choices available include incontinence pads or pants, which help "hold" urine and prevent spills and leaks. Prescription medications are sometimes used, but they have a long list of potential side effects. Simply taking one capsule of Femaxeen® daily can help you regain control of your normal bladder function, without fear of embarrassment, odor or elimination problems. Millions of women secretly suffer from urinary incontinence. Designed for women, a daily capsule of Femaxeen® can help you take control of your leaky bladder - not the other way around.

Available product forms:

30 tablets - 1 month supply
30 capsules – 1 month supply

Daily dosage:

1 tablet/capsule per day

Legal status:

Food Supplement

Product composition per daily dosage:

UriCyTonin® UI&AF Complexes: 160mg
Pumpkin seed extract: 400mg
Vitamin E: 10 mg

Product description:

FEMAXEEN® is a food supplement for women, based on UriCyTonin® AF&UI complex (purified and specific cytoplasmic pollen extracts s), pumpkin seed extract and vitamin E, which helps maintain proper bladder function and urinary flow. FEMAXEEN®'s ingredients help:

  • Lower urinary tract health1
  • Maintenance of bladder function1
  • Maintaining a healthy urine flow1
  • Maintain a healthy bladder in adults2
  • Protect cells from oxidative stress3

Product attributes:

Contains a unique ingredient: UriCyTonin® AF&UI complexes(purified and specific cytoplasmic pollen extracts), pumpkin seed extract and vitamin E.

  • Unique patented formula
  • Scientifically tested
  • Only 1 capsule per day to improve the quality of life related to urinary incontinence

Target group:

Women who want to improve their quality of life with normal urination patterns and triggers. Women 20s, 30s and 40s whose pelvic floor muscles have been affected by vaginal childbirth. Women of all ages with urinary health conditions.

    1 Cucurbita pepo L (pumpkin seed extract): contributes to the maintenance of a good bladder function and a good urine flow
    2 UriCyTonin® with rye pollen (Secale cereale L): helps to maintain a healthy bladder in adults
    3 Vitamin E: helps protect cells against stress