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Male fertility is clearly in crisis. A comprehensive review of evidence in 2017, based on 7,500 studies, shows that the average sperm count among Western men have more than halved over the past 40 years. Other studies indicate that as many as 1 in 5 men under 35 has a low sperm count. Illnesses, injuries, chronic health problems, lifestyle choices and other factors can all play a role in causing male infertility. Lifestyle choices can reduce sperm numbers: smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking certain medications can each have a significant impact. The most common problems are associated with the production and growth of sperm. This can mean that sperm doesn’t develop to full size, is oddly shaped, doesn’t travel correctly, is generated in very low numbers (oligospermia) or is not produced at all (azoospermia).

Available product form:

30 tablets - 1 month supply
30 capsules – 1 month supply

Daily dosage:

1 tablet/capsule per day

Legal status:

Food Supplement

Product composition per daily dosage:

FertiCyTonin® Complex: 320mg
Zinc: 10 mg
Vitamin E: 10 mg

Product description:

CREAXEEN® is an ADVANCED, PATENTED IN FRANCE FERTILITY FORMULA for men looking to maintain a healthy production of sperm and help advance sperm’s natural movement.

  • Contributes to normal fertility and reproduction1
  • Enhancement of vitality/energy2
  • Improves sperm quality
  • Improves sperm concentration
  • Improves sperm’s movement and speed of movement

Product attributes:

Contains a unique ingredient sourced from natural origin: FertiCyTonin®, Zinc and Vitamin E.

  • Unique and patented formula in France
  • Scientifically tested
  • Only 1 tablet/capsule per day

Target groups:

Men wishing to increase sperm quality and natural movement, to maintain their normal fertility and reproductive processes.
¹ Zinc contributes to normal fertility and reproduction
² FertiCyTonin® (purified cytoplasmic extracts of Pollens): Enhancement of vitality/energy.