To support people’s health and wellbeing by discovering and offering clinically and
scientifically proven solutions, which come from nature

To introduce the most unique and clinically proven products to the markets,
all over the world, by cooperating with strong, local distributors or independently.


Welcome to the website

Here you will find information about our company and products and how commercial partnership opportunities with us could benefit your end consumers.

SÉRÉLYS PHARMA® was founded in the Principality of Monaco in 2005 to support people’s health and wellbeing by the discovery and commercialization of scientifically proven solutions. SÉRÉLYS PHARMA® designs, manufactures and distributes market leading, scientifically tested nutritional supplements products, based on unique and superior ingredients. All products are derived from nature and all have proven safety and effectiveness profiles.

Initially created to serve French consumers through healthcare professional recommendations, our local customer base has grown rapidly, with a very high satisfaction record and excellent product reviews. As a result, SÉRÉLYS PHARMA® now has a presence in over 20 international highly developed markets, enabling our product portfolio to reach new consumer audiences via distributor partnerships in each country.

We offer our customers ready-to-launch, superior food supplement products, based on exclusive, patented formulations. We enjoy close partnerships with eminent scientific research institutes and global opinion leaders, who work with us to develop well-documented products.

With extensive in-depth market knowledge and best practice experience, we consult our clients on each major stage of the in-country launch process to ensure the achievement of sustainable growth and a market- leading position.

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