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The first signs of discomfort associated with the menopause are caused by fluctuations in the body’s hormone levels. Menopause can last from as little as six months, or up to fifteen years, sometimes even longer. Around 60-80% of women will experience ‘vasomotor disturbances’, which are manifested mainly by uncomfortable and inconvenient hot flushes and night sweats. These may begin during the perimenopause, when you may still have a regular period and persist throughout the menopause itself. Other associated wellbeing issues can include sweating, palpitations, anxiety and feelings of worry or stress. Most women find these disturbing and upsetting but are unsure of how to deal with them.

Available product form:

60 tablets - 1 month supply
120 tablets – 2 months supply

Daily dosage:

2 tablets per day

Legal status:

Food Supplement

Product composition per daily dosage:

PureCyTonin® PI&GC Complexes: 320mg
Vitamin E: 10 mg

Product description:

Sérélys® PERIMENOPAUSE/MENOPAUSE is a solution from natural origin for women whose quality of life has deteriorated because of discomfort caused by either Perimenopause or Menopause. This can include:

  • Hot flushes1
  • Fatigue1

Product attributes:

 1 Food supplement contains a unique ingredient sourced from natural origin: PureCyTonin® PI&GC (purified cytoplasmic extracts of pollen), which contributes to wellbeing during the menopause, by reducing hot flushes and temporary fatigue.

  • Scientifically tested formula
  • Product patented in France and all over the world
  • Non-hormonal activity
  • Non-phytoestrogen activity

Target group:

Women in their perimenopausal and menopausal life stage who prefer non-hormonal alternatives for their wellbeing during this time.
¹ Contributes to comfort during menopause. Contributes to well-being during menopause. Helps to reduce discomfort during menopause. Helps to decrease hot flushes.
Helping in case of fatigue/tiredness.